Simple Steps to Get Started

  • Create an account including your guardian’s information and payment information.
  • Take our 7-question learning style quiz to see how you learn best and give your tutor insight on how to prepare for your session.
  • Search for a tutor based on subject, grade level, experience, specialties, and reviews by other students.
  • View the tutor’s schedule and request a session, and look for the tutor’s confirmation within 24 hours.
  • Upload your questions and other documentation, such as lessons, prior to your session.
  • Attend the session via the link provided by your tutor.
  • After the session, you can view feedback from your tutor so you can continue your work until the next session.
  • You’ll be able to rate your teacher on topic clarity, communication, and time utilization.

Book a Session

  • In your Stride Tutoring calendar, you’ll indicate your availability for 30- or 60-minute sessions.
  • When a student requests a tutoring session, you will be notified automatically.
  • You’ll schedule a virtual meeting with your student.
  • Students can upload questions and topics in advance, so you’ll have time to prepare targeted lessons.
  • After each tutoring session, you’ll leave feedback for the student and parent/legal guardian so they can continue their work until the next session.

More Ways to Learn What Makes Stride Tutoring Unique

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