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Take this short 7-question learning style quiz to find out more about how you learn best. The results will help your tutor to personalize sessions in a way that is most effective for you. 

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State-Certified Teachers

All Stride Tutor tutors are actively teaching and certified in their home states.

Personalized Approach

Tutors understand different learning styles and tailor lessons to your specific needs.

Clear Communication

Built-in feedback channels make it easy for student, tutor, and parent/guardian to connect.

What makes Stride Tutoring extraordinary?

You get access to hundreds of experienced, state-certified teachers across the country with expertise in a wide range of subjects. Stride Tutoring provides flexible scheduling, the convenience of being online, and interactive communication for the whole family.

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What are parents and students saying about Edge.

What are parents and students saying about Stride Tutoring?


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Stride tutors are required to be state certified teachers and are located across the U.S.  Some are employed by Stride and teach for one of our many Stride K12-powered online schools. 

To be certified, a teacher usually must achieve a bachelor's degree or higher, complete a state-approved teacher preparation program, complete a student teaching experience, and pass a series of exams. Each state has their own certification requirements.

After a session is booked, the tutor provides a link to an online video conferencing platform (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangout).  Students can find a comfortable, quiet spot to conduct the session by using that link to see and speak with the tutor at the scheduled time.

Students and their guardian will be able to see the quiz results. It will also appear on the student's profile so tutors you book sessions with will be able to adjust their sessions to adapt to the student's learning style. Knowing your learning style makes it easier for tutors to create helpful sessions and encourages student engagement and motivation.